Friday, 19 January 2018

Here's a li'l blast from the past innit?

Basically, this parody/satire/oh god why webcomic is dead unless a bunch of people really really want it back. In that case, there'll be some freakin' ice down in Hades.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

#29: "Avrai Più Quello che voglio dire Abbastanza presto" Significa "prendo io Martedì". Nel frattempo, ecco un universo alternativo dove Uovo uomo sopravvive alla lotta.

Sconto Metallo Cavaliere: Hai Detto this sarebbe Saltare in aria uomo uovo!
Triangolo e: Uh...

(Nel frattempo, la bomba nucleare E in calo su Mario)
Mario: Oh, mamma mia.
È maledetti vagabondi, io vi odio tutti così tanto. Vorrei prendere una motosega e tutti voi uccidere con la motosega. Grazie, vaffanculo, ciao.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

#28: Manga Man, Salute the Bee Lord

(Conis, Jason, Bret and Steve all attack Eggman, shouting in Japanese. Finally, Meta Sonic shoots Eggman.)

(Conis and Steve are horrified. Eggman is not dead, though, as he is carrying money. Alive, but broke: Worth it or nah?)

I've got a page that, in no particular order, lists the translations for these phrases. You aren't getting 'em, though. Anyway, exposition: Translandia is pretty much bad just by being there. Eggman was there. Eggman is dead. Jason is here. You'll get what I mean soon enough.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#27: I'm Back... And Better(?) Than Ever

(Conis & Meta Sonic stand before Eggman, who has a bow on his head. Yes, those are MAN-boobs. You WERE told that it wouldn't have anything to do with Translandia.)
Conis: Eesh, I always knew Eggman was g-
Meta Sonic: Eggman! Haven't seen you for awhile!

(Steve attacks Eggman's stomach. His fist bounces off of it.)
Steve: uh-oh.

(Meta Sonic proceeds to poke Eggman's eyes.)
SFX: *Poke*
Meta Sonic: RUN, STEVE!
Eggman ate 40 cakes, and that's terrible for his health.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

#21: The End(s)

Before the comic:
I'm sure you're confused as to why this comic is being posted on Tuesday also.
The reason?
A birthday gift.
To anybody born on the 18th of October.
Welcome to Hell.
I've decided to adjust the schedule.
This week: Tuesday and Sunday
Next week: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Starting November: Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
This is the schedule until further notice.
Now, your regularly scheduled dose of Hell.

(Aur ever-murderaus "hera" stands befare O>A City, hame af...)

Oh god.
Why aren't you transcribing?!
I can't do it.
Do it.
I am sorry, no speak good Eengleesh. I no do this. Is against my religion.
Stop playing games with me.
I cannot do this.
You're gonna.
I can't-
No. I can't do this. I'm outta here.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

#20: The End is Near

(Conis and Meta Sonic walk up to the city limits of Anagram Dan L..)
Meat Sonic: Hey, Meta!
Meta Sonic: Oh, great.
Meat Sonic.

Meat Sonic: Check it, ^without any weighty skin, I'm faster than SONIC!
(He begins singing Escape From the City, substituting "Rolling" for "Running")

Meta Sonic: You okay?
Meat Sonic: (Still singing to the tune of Escape From the City...) Rock hit my snout, now I'm bleedin' out...

Caption: And so, they ditched Meat Sonic and got outta dodge to O>A City.
(Meta Sonic displays extreme displeasure at the idea of going to the aforementioned city, in fact, he's much rather escape from it.)

Meat Sonic is not depicted as a censor bar because you mightn't be able to handle it.
Hell, that's why I wanted to draw him properly.
However, I'm probably bad at drawing internal organs.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

#19: Not Another Parody Movie Poster!

(A poster for Not Another Sonic Fan Comic! done in the style of Not Another Teen Movie!. It features Meta Sonic, the Masqued Enigma, Conis, the Long Lost Brother, Jason, the Unnecessary Crossover Character, Steve, the CoD KiD, Bret, the Stereotype and Invisible Dan the Imaginary Friend. Each is posing and OH JEEZUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRET.)

Dang, shoot. That IS whack. This comic comes early to celebrate the release of WWE 2K17.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

#18: "Somebody Get This Kid to a Dentist!"

Conis: *Runs in*
Conis: Quick! Eggman's already stolen 40 cakes! Eggman stole 40 cakes, and that's terrible!

(Map features a path, going from The Studio, to Anagram Dan L., to O>A City, then around Hobotown, to Translandia, and finally The "Che^ese" Cake Shop)
Caption: And so our "heroes" embark...

(Bonus panel)
Meta Sonic: "At last, lucky Yorick! I knew him, Jason."

This is what you get when hiring a mapmaker that fancies a bottle of rubbing alcohol when plotting a route.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

#17: Fanfiction is the New Brain Bleach

Meta Sonic: Here's the lowdown: Don't eat the food, don't make eye contact, and carry brain bleach. If you do not follow any of these, read Conis's fanfiction.
Jason: Called?
Meta Sonic: My Poke-Mortal.

(Bonus panel: Conis reads his reviews.)
I-Have-A-Brain-2401: You are on something, aren't you?
Poke fan 1: Please, take a long walk off a short pier.
Conis: Ah, a fan!
Oh, two!


I am going to hammer this point right in: The reason MS suggests reading the fanfiction is as a substitute for brain bleach.
Thank you, f*** you, bye.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

#16: That Dude, Registered Non-Pedophile

(Meta Sonic and Conis stand around in a supermarket. They aren't buying anything and have no trolley.)
Meta Sonic: I tells ya, Cone, NOBODY understands me.
Conis: I get you.
Meta Sonic: Right. Like when you "get" girls.
Conis: But how can you say no to PUPPY EYES?

(Moments later, Meta Sonic runs into a Gardevoir. Trust me on this.)
Meta Sonic: Wow, I thought all the Gardevoir went into hiding after Conis wrote that fanfiction.
Gardevoir-thingy: I was adopted.

(The aforementioned dude from the title, who I'm just gonna call Joe, reads Meta Sonic's autobiography to two children.)
Joe: "And that was the day a friendship was formed."
Children: Yaaaay!

One of my original comic ideas was a stick figure comic about a dude named Joe Mart, a single father that really liked the colour burnt sienna. He had four children - the eldest were twins, the male one named Pietro, the female I never remember naming. the middle child was named Jason, and heavily inspired by Jason from FoxTrot. The youngest was Walter/Wally, who was the reason I named the family the Mart family.
Yep, I made a surname for a stick figure family based on a Wal*Mart pun.
I had a weird taste in names.

Also, for future reference, that Gardevoir-thingy will be referred to as Jason.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

#15: Pointy Shoe to the Brain

Steve: So that's what happens in candy vans?
Meta Sonic: Yep!

Cornered in Not Another Candy Van!, Meta Sonic begins wailing on Steve.
Steve: Ow!
Stop kicking my head!

(Bonus panel: The wifi ~n~ candy van has a wifi connection signal of 6 bars.)

Sunday, 11 September 2016

#14: We Remember 9/11 Again

Captions: We remember 9/11
9/11 15 years 2001 - 2016
Meta Sonic: I find 9/11 annoying. This comic is a commemorative one. And did you draw me as a girl?
Off-Screen Producer: Whoops.


The first NASFC of the year, and the first in a pregnancy length, and the second 9/11 the comic has seen. It's been a year. At any rate, enjoy this totally-not-edited-from-the-last-9/11-comic super original and new NASFC!
(Said the comic artist, voice dripping with sarcasm)
At any rate, I'm off to upload a new buffer of comics, and the ones I've currently stocked up will be scheduled for Sundays.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

#13: The Magical Hobo Candy Van

(Conis and Meta Sonic are sneaking into a house. The one that may or may not be Steve is playing a video game, with a bag of Illuminachos and Mt. Dew.)
Steve?: Suck my butt!
Meta Sonic: The h@ll is that CoD KiD so poorly- oh right, lack of drawing practice...

Meta Sonic: (So poorly drawn...)
Meta Sonic: This is a kidnapping.
Steve?: Yay!

(Angry Meta Sonic with a sliding anime-style background.)

(Steve, caught with a Hello My Name Is tag, is horrified and drawn uglily.)
Steve: ?

(Cornered in Not Another Candy Van!, Meta Sonic begins wailing on Steve.)
SFX: thud
Steve: Ow!
SFX: thud
Steve: Ow!
SFX: thud
Steve: Ow!
SFX: thud
Steve: Stop kicking my head!
SFX: thud
Steve: Hey, stranger danger!
SFX: punch
Steve: Stop touching me nono place!
Steve: Ow! My nards!
???: Nee naw! Nee naw!

(A police van pulls up.)
Incompetent Police Officer: What seems to be the oopsie here?
Steve: Well, I'm boned.


I am so so sorry. I promise I will treat Steve as badly as possible.

Friday, 4 December 2015

#12: Gotta Draw Bad

(Conis and Meta Sonic stand before that same poorly-drawn house.)
Meta Sonic: We're here.
Wait a sec, is that keyboard QWERTY? Dang it, Meta Sonic musta lost his Dvorak keyboard/laser gun/electric guitar.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

#11: die: sTEve

Conis: We're going on an adventure! Not you nor your shotgun can convince me otherwise!
Meta Sonic: Fine, but I have some side work I wanna take.
And gimme that mask!

Meta Sonic: Some kid ding-dong-ditched me. He dropped these blueprints of his house.
(Poorly drawn house and red Echidna)
Caption of drawing: dy: sTEve
Wish I could draw as well as that Steve guy.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

#10: Super Filler Bros.

Meta Sonic: Seriously, how long does it take to get those drawing guides in?! I wanna cut the filler!
Conis: They're here.

Meta Sonic: Oh...
Well, that was anticlimactic.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

#9: The Enigmatic Boomstick-Wielder

The Masqued Enigma
"If all else is too unwieldy, introduce them baddies to your shotgun, Sally." -Meta Sonic.

Monday, 30 November 2015

#8: Happy Late Hoboween!

Bret: Good grief, eh?
Off-Screen thought bubble: We're out of cookies!
Off-Screen Conis: Ha, this horror show is great!
Signature: yourhobomanismetaevolving-meta
Oh, Hoboween, oh, Hoboween, why am I singing this to a Christmas tune?
Or making this comic?
Or living?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

#7: When You Think You've Hit Bottom, Somebody Hands You a Fan Character

Meta Sonic: Well, we were lookin' for a person of shirted design...

Meta Sonic: What?
Breternilis of Cronia: Sorry. You get that way with a creative creator, eh.
Meta Sonic: *Sudderama* So as I was saying, we need a hedgehog like you on the... Why do you have so mush clothing on, Shirt Guy?
Breternilis of Cronia: Hedgehog? Pshh.
Oh, & it's Bret.
Call me Bret.
Meta Sonic: Can I back away slowly?
Bret: By all means, eh.
Meta Sonic: Wait, are you mentally undressing me?
Bret: ...No...
I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

#6: Meta Fantastic

Conis: C'mon, you can't just go around showing kids how the'll die!
Meta Sonic: He ding-dong-ditched m-

Meta Sonic: You have 20 seconds to justify me hitting you.
???: Sorry, eh...
Alright, maybe I won't count off all the things. Within a week I'd have over 9000 counted.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

#5: Glow it Like It's a Seal!

Meta Sonic: ?
(Steve: Add cr@ppy apartmentish scene)

(Meta Sonic chases a red figure out the door and around the house)

(The figure unsuccessfully attempts to hide in a bush)
Meta Sonic: I can see you, eKIDna. For ringing & running on me, I'll show you how you DIE.

Off-Screen Voice: DO SOMETHING!

Friday, 16 October 2015

#4: The Reason I Own a Shotgun

Meta Sonic: No matter how hard I hit myself, I'm still checking it out.
My basic instincts, SHATTERED.

Meta Sonic: *SNERK* My fan character sense/reflex is going wild! Looks like an infamous guest star came to the tryouts!
But that means...

(Meta Sonic charges to the tryouts, mask heating from the friction of the air)
Meta Sonic: I know you're introducing me and all, but could you unpause me for a sec? Thanks.
Caption: META/SONIC: The Masked Enigma

Horrific mangled idea created by the stupidest person alive: Hi! I'm Sonich
Meta Sonic: NOPE
4: SONICHU. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

#3: But Does It Float?

Meta Sonic: 'Kay, so we need to know: was that first comic meeting your approval?
Sonic: I'll try to put it lightly...
Silver: I can help you with that...

Sonic & Silver: IT'S
Meta Sonic: ?

Sonic & Silver: NO

Sonic & Silver: USE
(Inside the HeylistenogramTM(R)(C)...)
Meta Sonic: Jason, what does the scouter say about their power level?
SFX: *Foreshadow*
Starting from now I shall count off all the things that can make Sonic fan comics, or any webcomic, cr@ppy.
1. Inconsistent body features.
2. Inconsistent contrast.
3. What happens in Sonic '06, STAYS in Sonic '06.

Any given image on this site WILL have mouseover text. If an image does not, please feel free to take a shotgun to my head.

Friday, 11 September 2015

#2: We Remember 9/11-- 14 years 2001-2015

(Meta Sonic stands in a slightly suggestive pose.)
Caption: We remember 9/11
Meta Sonic: I find it annoying only the second comic is a commemorative one. And did you draw me as a girl?
Off-Screen Voice: Whoops.
Caption: 9/11 14 years 2001-2015
Signature: ypime-meta
Drawing Meta Sonic as a girl was a mistake, and I just said, "Heck with it, I'll lampshade this."

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Beginning: Enter Conis and Meta Sonic

Conis: Hey. My name is Conis, & this is my friend, Meta Sonic.

Meta Sonic: Uh, my name is Meta Sonic. I'm a crudely drawn copyright infringement, & this guy says he's called Conis.

Conis: Our only thought is to get a TVTropes page.
Meta Sonic: (Holding up a noose and a finger gun) Kill me.
Oh, the horror. Another Sonic fan comic is upon the world, god help us. What you are going to see unfold is a fan comic with a meta level over nine thousand.
Media referenced:
Comic is based on: The first ever Garfield comic, from June 19, 1978
Meta Sonic's mask and name: Meta Knight from Kirby